Kashmir- They call it Heaven…

Kashmir, the heaven on earth, is the picturesque tragic land burdened with grievous stories of people struggling with the never-ending bloodshed. Amidst the cross-border activities going on since half a century now, this heavenly place is appalled with the intensity of the heinous acts humans are capable of performing. This place being the centre of all the wars that India has seen, continues to struggle for peace. But I wonder, has all the strife going on for the years shattered the very essence of this place? No, this place seems to fight with all its vigour to embrace all that comes to it. How beautifully, it constantly reminds us, the humans, that none of our skirmishes can deter it’s beautiful soul.

Beautiful beyond words, but torn to shreds;

The flowers that bloom, surely hide all the fumes;

The beautiful white veil, tells a tall tale;

Embracing the moonlit snow, silently and gloriously it glows;

The valley covered in fog and haze, waiting for the sun rays;

The mountains and the rivers, hold the tales to whisper;

With the words strangled, these stories remain unheard;

The tales of these mountains remain untold, I reckon it is the beauty they hold;

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